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Human logic on why animal communication could work

People who communicate with animals on a regular, daily basis have developed and sharpened their skills. But how do you convince someone who is far removed from this type of world, and thinks they're a bunch of crazies? The other day I heard two spiritual people discuss how animal communication could be considered to actually work. One of them offered her insight: "See, I hear voices from aliens, even without seeing them. Wouldn't it be just natural, to also hear voices of horses, dogs and cats who are visible all around us?" The human mind is capable of logic but also of farfetched and strange explanations. Wouldn't it be wonderful to listen to the more sound wisdom of animals? How to acquire the skill? Just practice listening with your heart. I always send love to the animal as I feel the communication with the animal travels through the heart, less through mental images and mind, but these start coming in, once love is established between two beings. Therefore, how to hear your animals? Listen, listen, listen....and love.

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